Toole surfboards 2012 Launch !!!

“Toole surfboards” creating functional surfboards with an organic twist … A callaboration of different surfing / shaping mentalities .

I  pretty much grew up in surfboard factories around Costa Mesa / Huntington Beach since I was 14 . My now great friend, Mark McConnell let me sweep up the factory (which at the time was inhabited by a few of todays best shapers Cordell Miller, Mike estrada , and of course Mark McConnell)

for in turn he would teach me how to fix my first ding…the RIGHT W

It’s now 20yrs later and I have been blessed to  work with and ride for some of the worlds best shapers such as Cordell Miller, Bill Johnson, Rusty, T.Patts., Mike Etsrats, Mark McConnell, Ryan Sakal, Ian Wright and one of my first sponsors Robert August.

They have dropped little jewels from time to time which I have collected and stored in the vault.

I am the main sander and Clear Water Glassing in Costa Mesa, and  at Cordell Millers 2 blocks down the road.

I do all the work on Toole surfboards from hand planed blanks, to laminating, finning, hot coating, to sanding, right to your hands…DONE !

Everything is done in-house here at Clear Water Glassing and is proven dependable…on time, TOP QUALITY !

Expand your mind and stand the test of time with  TOOLE SURFBARDS  !

Contact for orders or questions 714-722-5196 …


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